ACO ShowerDrain S

TitleItem NumberDescriptionNo StorageStockSafety StockUnit priceMinimum Order QuantityDiscountPrice AdjustablePacking Unit
Channel body ACO ShowerDrain S, Installation height top edge screed: 55 – 110 mmpg5401000.00000
Design-Gratings of grindedem stainless steelpg5400_pg5352000.00000
Aco ShowerStep – difference wedgepg5400_pg41281000.00000
Hair trap9010.75.30
  • For preventing pipe blockaging due to hair
  • Made of plastic, material PP
  • Simple removal and cleaning
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Minimum reduction of the shower channel's discharge value by 0.04 l/s
  • Weight: 0.1 kg