ACO BIM - data packages for Autodesk Revit

The following downloads contain the product range for the international market. You can register here to stay informed about future updates and ACO Building Drainage BIM related news.

Product GroupAutodesk Revit Version
Floor drainage
ACO hygienic gullies (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO hygienic box channels (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Passavant - Cast iron floor drain (International)DownloadDownloadDownload
Sanitary drainage
ACO ShowerDrain (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Wall Protection
ACO kerb (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Grease Separator (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Waste water lifting plant (International)DownloadDownloadDownload
ACO LipuSmart - Grease separator with integrated lifting station (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Roof drainage
ACO Spin – Stainless steel flat roof drain (International)DownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Passavant - Cast iron flat roof drain (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Pipe systems
ACO pipe - Stainless steel pipe system (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO GM-X - Galvanized steel pipe system (International)DownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Building Materials
ACO Access Covers (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload